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Multislide and Fourslide Stamping

Wrapped Tube, Flat and Wire Form Stampings

Many types of operations performed on conventional presses may also be produced equally well on our slide forming machines. Often extremely complex operations can be produced at lower cost with less complicated tooling, while yielding greater flexibility and increased production rates.

  • Manufactured to your specification
  • .002 to .187 material thickness
  • Up to 6" material width
  • Up to 36" developed length
  • In-house tool design and fabrication
  • In-house secondary operation capabilities
  • In-die tapping

We produce assorted wrapped tubes, fasteners, clips, clamps, contacts, terminals, mounting channels, brackets, wire forms, springs, flat stampings, bearings for overmolding, and assemblies.

Multislide | FourslideAll of our products follow strict quality control procedures throughout the development process and are guaranteed to meet or exceed your requirements. Our in-house tool room and tooling capabilities allow us to adjust to meet your unique needs and keep our cost low and quality high.

We produce parts with cold roll steel, spring steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and other alloys.We are capable of running either strip or diameter stock.

Tooling is built and maintained in-house to allow maximum control over part consistency, dimensional accuracy, and production yield.

Advantages of Multislide/Fourslide Forming

Fourslide | Multislide wire and flat partsMultiside (or "fourslide") forming is a metal stamping process requiring special equipment, skill, and manufacturing systems. The technology permits complex part geometries, typically for small parts.

Multislide/fourslide stamping is a cost effective process for complex parts in large volume part runs (due to the time required to setup the many tooling components). It can also be a economical solution for short-run part production, particularly when tooling costs are considered.

Flats and complex shape stamped parts

  • Capable of holding moderate part tolerances
  • Drilling and tapping can be performed in-die,
    thus avoiding a secondary operation
  • Multiple and compound bends and forms
    can be performed with ease
  • Multislide stamping generally lowers tooling cost
    when compared to a progressive die
  • Generally reduces material usage, and therefore cost,
    compared to traditional manufacturing approaches
  • Material may be purchased to finished width, reducing scrap

Fourslide component with interlock assemblyExamples of applications for fourslide-produced parts include:
  • Hose clips
  • Battery contacts
  • Motor stator spring clips
  • Electrical connectors
  • Breaker mechanical interlock
  • Flat springs for ink-jet printer
  • Hinge bearing
  • Wire handles
  • Gun magazine springs
  • Heat sink clips
  • Paint brush ferrules
  • Pipe clamps
  • Combustion nozzles


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