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Assembly | Packaging ServicesThe Hines Group provides assembly services to let you concentrate your precious resources on our essential manufacturing and business activities. We reduce your headaches, simplify your product management, reduce purchasing and inventory costs, and save time and money.

Purchasing assemblies from us lowers your cost. Outsourcing assembly to us enables you to meet your purchasing and manufacturing targets with less effort and lower investment.

Fewer Headaches

Outsourced assemblies reduces headaches, reduces your mistakes, simplifies ordering, and lowers inventories. Having us perform assembly shifts labor, facility, and component responsibilities and headaches from you to us.

You can also have us deliver completed assemblies and subassemblies directly to your line when and where you need them, or delivered directly to your customers or distributors.

Reduced Purchasing Efforts

Placing one order for one part number, rather than multiple parts. You spend less time managing orders. You can reduce raw and work-in-process inventory.

Assembly ServicesSmaller Vendor Base

You can reduce your vendor base. You'll be able to streamline your supply chain. Your supplier quality responsibility becomes ours.

Reduced Administration

You spend less time researching, expediting, and managing vendors. We take that responsibility on for you.

Less Investment - Better Return on Invested Capital

Our capital is at work, not yours. Our facilities work for you without tying up your capital. There's no need for you to build warehouse or factory space. If you already have it, you can re-purpose it for other uses.

Better Financial Management

We manage sourcing, ordering, and expediting for sub-suppliers to the assembly. We manage payables including the credit risk of our sub-suppliers.

The Hines Group's ISO 9001:2008 and TS-16949:2002 certified quality system ensures that kits and subassemblies performed according to your specifications. Contact Us now to start reducing your workload and frustration by relying on our stamping, machining, and value-added services.


Assembly Service

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