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Tool Development

High quality metal stampings begin with high quality tooling. The Hines Group produces sophisticated Class A through economical Class C progressive dies with in-house toolmakers and machinists.

The tool and die makers at The Hines Group are trained in-house through a demanding apprenticeship program.

Latest Tools

Tool building is supported through the use of our seven CNC traveling wire EDM machines - accurate to within .0001 ".

FEA Analysis | Tool Development

Our toolmakers and machinists are assisted by CAD/CAM - generating complex die geometry with complete precision.

We routinely assess part and tool design using finite-element analysis to assure adequate tool life, part durability, and dimensional compliance. Computer simulations improve the speed and accuracy of our design-to-production effort, improving your speed-to-market performance

In-House Tool Repair & Construction

We repair worn and damaged die-sets in our in-house tool maintenance operation. We rebuild production tools whether built by us or by others. We sharpen, repair, replace, change, clean, and refurbish used tool and dies. We keep tool maintenance schedules to assure ready-to-run tooling and extend the life of the tool.

Competitively Priced and Featured

Features of our tooling include:

  • Routine use of high performance materials, such as D2, carbide, and specialty coatings
  • Dies are designed with metal forming stations (inserts) to balance die maintenance and fabrication cost
  • Dies are built to be interchangeable, minimizing your tool investment
  • Dies are protected with in-die sensors, improving material yield, extending tool life, and improving on-time performance


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